Starting from 1.6.2022 we are lowering price to slovak phone numbers by 20%

Send marketing, notification or transactional SMS to almost any phone number in the world

Take advantage of our new SMS gateway and send hundreds of messages to large groups of customers in a matter of seconds

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Why Notifea?

Digital communication with the customer is an unstoppable and steadily growing trend that must be understood and applied by every modern company with a sense for automation, the future, speed, customer satisfaction and, at the same time, for ecology.

We have developed a quick, quality and secure system for online communication with customers using SMS built on the latest technologies for that exact reason.


Send messages to your clients and customers worldwide using our modern user interface or automatically via a simple REST API

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Enter your phone number and we’ll send you a test notification. We will not store your contact details and will only use them one time. Personal data protection is important for us.

Yes, even your system can send notifications this quickly.

Excellent functions

Clear dashboard, intuitive administration, lots of graphs and statistics, simple documentation, SDK for PHP frameworks, automatic monthly payments and invoices, and much more.

Transparent UI

A simple, dynamic and intuitive user interface. You will not get lost.


Use two-factor authentication, secure access tokens using IP addresses or expiration times and be assured that all your sensitive data will be encrypted using the OpenSSL AES-256-CBC protocol.

Cutting edge technology

#php #golang #nodejs #vuejs #aws #terraform #cloudflare #kubernetes #docker #jwt #mysql #redis #https #tls

Simple pricing

You pay for each email and for each SMS by the country of delivery. Nothing more, nothing less.


We are a start-up and every customer is as precious to us as gold during this global crisis. We respond to your questions on the same day.


SMS notification
starting at 0.0354€ / sms

Every SMS passes through our intelligent router that ensures the best speed and the lowest price to your selected country.


Overage notification

Automatic credit top-up

Transparent usage statements and invoices

Automatic forwarding of invoices

FAQ (frequently asked questions)


How do I register?

Simply press the START button in the upper right hand corner on our site.

To register, please provide the following details: name, surname, email address, password and country of origin.

You must then confirm your registration by clicking on the link that is sent to you via email immediately after registration.

How does sending SMS work?

The following points must be fulfilled to send SMS:
  • create a new SMS sender
  • if you plan to send automated SMS, you must integrate your system with Notifea using the PHP SDK library or REST API
  • if you plan to send SMS via SMS gateway, you will need a list of recipients together with text messages in the EXCEL file
  • maintain a sufficient balance per the valid pricing (does not apply to sending SMS within the free bundle or in test mode)

How do I pay for services?

Notifea’s services are subject to fees per the valid pricing.

Services for the previous month are always invoiced on the first day of the current calendar month.

Funds may be added to your account using your bank card for individual transactions, or by setting up automatic payments in the amount you select.