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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do I register?

Simply press the START button in the upper right hand corner on our site.

To register, please provide the following details: name, surname, email address, password and country of origin.

You must then confirm your registration by clicking on the link that is sent to you via email immediately after registration.

How do I log in?

Simply press the button in the upper right hand corner on our site. You will be redirected to the login form, and you will be prompted to enter your email address and password to log in successfully.

If your account is protected with two-factor authentication, you will then be prompted to enter the 6 digit authentication code from your application.

If you want to remain logged in for a period of 12 months, please select the “Keep me logged in” option during login.

I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

We store your current password in a hashed form, so we are unable to determine it. To restore access to your user account, it is necessary to recover your password.

To start the process, please visit the pageu to recover your password. Enter your email address and we’ll send you the password recovery link.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the My account section.

How can I protect my account using two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication settings are accessed in the My account section.

How can I change my password?

Notifea is currently translated into Slovak and English.

You can switch between languages at any time in the user section by clicking on the arrow in the right-hand corner and then selecting a “Language” option.

How do I get an overview of currently logged-in sessions?

An overview of your logged-in sessions is available in the User section.

The list shows when a session was created, from which address and from which browser.

How does sending SMS work?

The following points must be fulfilled to send SMS:
  • create a new SMS sender
  • if you plan to send automated SMS, you must integrate your system with Notifea using the PHP SDK library or REST API
  • if you plan to send SMS via SMS gateway, you will need a list of recipients together with text messages in the EXCEL file
  • maintain a sufficient balance per the valid pricing (does not apply to sending SMS within the free bundle or in test mode)

How do I register a new SMS sender under my account?

Go to the SMS sectioMSaSd click the New button in the upper right-hand corner.

What information does Notifea store about sent SMS?

Notifea saves the following information:
  • Recipient’s number
  • SMS contents in encrypted format
  • Date sent
If you do not want us to save this information and you do not want a history of sent SMS, you can cancel this functionality in your SMS sender settings. Enter a 0 into the SMS retention period field. This functionality may be reactivated at any time,

How can I integrate our system with Notifea?

There are 2 ways to integrate your system with our system. These methods with more detailed information are also described in the SMS administration interface in the “How to use” section

Direct API access
Direct API access is provided to companies and programmers who like to do things on their own.

Documentation in English is available here: API documentation.

Access via SDK
Access via SDK is the option we recommend if your software is programmed in PHP. We're constantly working to modify our libraries to include more and more functionalities. Here is a list of our official libraries:Learn more at GitHub

We are planning to add SDK support for more programming languages.

How can I send a large number of SMS messages via the SMS gateway?

You will not need any programming skills to send a large number of SMS messages through our system. Our new SMS gateway is very intuitive , fast , and very easy to use .

Before you start, you will need to have:
  • Created SMS sender
  • Enough credit based on the number of SMS you are about to send.
  • Excel file defining the recipient's number and message text. The file must be in csv (excel) format. It must have exactly 2 columns where the first column defines the recipient's number along with the country code and the second column the message content. Please make sure that the file does not contain more than 1,000 lines and is without a header. Download a sample file
Then all you have to do is specify the separator of the columns in your file (the most used characters are ; or,) and specify exactly when you want your bulk SMS messages to be sent.

You'll be able to visually monitor all of this in our clear user interface

Instructional video

How is the final price of one sent SMS calculated?

  • The message can contain any characters
  • The maximum number of characters in an SMS depends on the characters used in the text. If you use the characters defined in GSM 3.38, the maximum number of characters is 160 or 70 if you use at least one character outside the GSM 3.38 definition
  • If you send a longer message, it is divided into several SMS segments with a header (now one message contains only maximum of 153 characters GSM 3.38 or 67 characters if you use at least one character outside the GSM 3.38 definition)
  • The total maximum length of a multisegment SMS is 459 characters (GSM 3.38) or 201 if you use at least one character outside the GSM 3.38 definition
  • You pay for the number of segments

How do I pay for services?

Notifea’s services are subject to fees per the valid pricing.

Services for the previous month are always invoiced on the first day of the current calendar month.

Funds may be added to your account using your bank card for individual transactions, or by setting up automatic payments in the amount you select.

Where can I find a current overview of usage?

An updated overview is available 24/7 in the Invoicing & Finances section.

How can I automatically top up my funds?

You can set up a feature to automatically top-up funds in the Invoicing & Finances section. This is the preferred method for topping up your funds as you can eliminate manual interaction.

Will you contact me if my funds exceed a certain level?

You can set up a notification if your balance is low in the Invoicing & Finances section.

How do I set up a billing address?

You may provide or change your billing address in the Invoicing & Finances section.

How do I set up invoice forwarding?

You may set up or modify invoice forwarding in the Invoicing & Finances section. This feature is especially useful if you want to automatically forward invoices to your accounting department.

Where can I find an overview of all invoices?

An overview of all issued invoices is always available in the Invoicing & Finances section.