Starting from 1.6.2022 we are lowering price to slovak phone numbers by 20%

for you and your business

  • SMS messages to the whole world
  • Marketing and bulk SMS through a simple user interface
  • SMS notifications via the state-of-the-art REST API


SMS via excel

Take advantage of simple and highly efficient mass messaging.

Create an excel file with phone numbers, assign a text message to them and upload it to our system. We'll make sure they find the recipient's phone either immediately or at a time defined by you.

Very popular among our clients are marketing messages
that perfectly promote your new product or advertising campaign.

Instructional video


Our REST API provides the ideal form of notifying any information to a customer or client via SMS for B2C but also for the B2B sector .

With our clear documentation, you can playfully test and implement our SMS gateway today.

We use the state-of-the-art server technologies and our system easily adapts to your needs.

SMS via user interface

Sending SMS messages via user interface is suitable for clients who send a large number of SMS notifications via their mobile phone and want to streamline and speed up the process by using a desktop or laptop .

Case studies


If you need to send one-way messages to your customers often and don't want to write to them on your mobile phone, take advantage of our user interface and send an SMS quickly from the comfort of your computer

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Launch an ad campaign for your customers. Create a simple bulk message to let your customers know about current discounts and promotions in seconds.


Do you have a message you need to send to multiple recipients at one time? Take the opportunity to send a delayed bulk message anywhere in the world .

#notificationsms #smsserver

Connect your system to our REST API and send your customers notification messages such as Order confirmation, delivery confirmation, transaction confirmation PIN , or just wish them Happy Birthday .


Pay for only what you use.
There is beauty in simplicity.

SMS notification
starting at 0.0354€ / sms

Every SMS passes through our intelligent router that ensures the best speed and the lowest price to your selected country.

In addition to the current price list, Notifea offers customers the opportunity to receive a free bonus SMS package based on the amount deposited. The bonus package will be automatically credited to your account immediately after your successful deposit.

Bonus 1

Deposit to your account at least 25EUR and gain 1% cashback from your deposit amount

1% cashback

Bonus 2

Deposit to your account at least 50EUR and gain 1.5% cashback from your deposit amount

1.5% cashback

Bonus 3

Deposit to your account at least 100EUR and gain 2% cashback from your deposit amount

2% cashback

We are VAT payers. The price for SMS listed on this page is without VAT. There are no activation fees, monthly fees, fees for running the SMS gateway or fees for using the REST API.

Are you starting your own start-up or are you sending a large number of notifications? Contact us.